08.30-09.00 Welcome address
LEA president
Order of Physicians
WHO Representative
Ministry of Public Health Representative

SESSION I: Physical activity as behavioral health determinant
09.00-09.20 Physical activity in relation to bone and joints
Rafic Baddoura
09.20-09.40 Physical activity and mental health
Elie Karam
09.40-10.00 Physical activity among youth
Nasser Al Batlouni
10.00-10.20 Physical activity and the elderly
Kamil Nacouzi
10.20-10.40 Sports and disability
Khalil Ghoussoub
10.40-11.00 COFFEE BREAK

SESSION II: Physical activity into perspective
11.00-11.20 Physical activity profile at school
Mazen Mroueh
11.20-11.40 Promoting physical activity: strategies for behavioral change
Afifi Rima
11.40-12.00 Community approach to physical activity promotion
Hneine Brax
12.00-12.40 Risk factor control for non-communicable diseases
The EMRO perspective
Oussama Khatib
12.40-13.00 Closing
13.00- LUNCH